My Enviless Jealousy!

The soothing breath, the calming touch, the peaceful presence and the cooling nudge; thus made me realise it was time to wake up from the serene sleep into the placid life.

Though the dreams had just begun to form and the colours were just being short of getting added, I had to drag myself out of the abyss. After all, it was not a request, but a command. Reluctantly did I get myself dressed, well, just slipping into my previous night’s escapades! I have had multiple compliments to the pleasant way I smell, so I took liberties to skip the ablutions. When Trump is all over oneself, it isn’t much of a problem.

The first rays of the dancing sun hadn’t been visible yet, but the city that never sleeps was awake for sure. All I had to do was bring on the drooling appetite in the eyes and there was everything around to fuel the insatiable hunger. It surely is the apple of the eyes.

Visiting from the Pacific has its perks amongst the peasants of the Atlantic, trailing their ways through the walls and its streets. I was allowed to be perched in the navigator’s seat to the one who never needs any navigation. But the sheer pleasure of stealing the coveted spot from others was exhilarating enough.

Driving in the most sought after ride was a reason enough to rule the roost and then came the additional indulgence that I get to own what gets carried over the music waves inside those glass walls. The additions to our baggage, both lively and inanimate, brought the realisation that I was indeed on the path of capturing another of my fears. The apple just puffed up its size.

The first stop was a place where the prayers are placed. Along with the ones by the rest of the half century surrounding me, I placed mine too. And no, it had nothing to do with helping me to overcome my fears; on the contrary…

And then the bliss began.

The peeking yellow amid the dark veils, the hiding twinkle amidst the marching sparkles, the glistening mirage on the flickering roads, and the perishing moment into the ephemeral lives; were all but a canvas. The painting was the glowing smile.

It’s not an easy task to appease the music palate but not difficult when most of the ears are lost in dreamlands. I was in luck. I was able to spend my time in more important tasks. Keeping my eyes glued, ears open and mind racing. The sun was making its grand entrance.

Pretty much all the breathers inside the glass walls were known figurines. The couple of those who weren’t were too lost in their reveries that it wasn’t of importance. So I transferred the energies at revelling with the ones on the other rides.

The ride was reaching its destination. As much as I wished it continued on, I knew that the flowing waters need to reach the ocean some time.

My lady was standing there. The one who always reminds me that my signature is what lies between me and my life. The one who’s behind it all. The one probably a long lost sibling, though our names say otherwise. And only the second time did I willingly sign the death form.

Whenever she’s the herder, I get to adorn tights, hold plastic wrapped sceptre and wear the crown. This season I decided it was time to add some colour. After all, I was able to walk on my two feet rather than confined to the jaws as last time!

I was the quintessential newcomer. Someone who apparently travelled over the meadows and deserts and mountains to drown in the waters. So as much as they all disliked, I had to be made a part of them. Sometimes it’s not easy to let go of a grown person acting like a child. I can assure it wasn’t sympathy, just an apathy.

So, there we were, the group who would be conquering the rapids, a battle to win the waters, a struggle to overcome and a desire to survive. Well, after all, I was the only non-swimmer on the team. I had to watch my own back!

The captain of the raft began on an interesting note. Making a snide comment at the blue blood. But more harm than help that did. Thus was born the team panache.

We were a lot of sorts. From the ups to the lows. From these to those. And from here to there. Not that I can forget them, who could – the queen, the reader, the friend, the bag, the big O and his smaller version, and the ultimate companion. While I was the eighth wonder on the group.

The quick lesson of ducking and holding onto the raft using feet were all I remember. Rest I figured would be better handled by the adrenaline. There was no doubt that we would be the winners at the end. Did I mention no one else dared to stand against the queen and the companion? All that we had to do was make sure we clung on to our raft and displayed our prowess. I took my seat as the third-rows-man, whose job is just to stay in sync. The roar of the water had just begun.

When the memories find their words, they cease to exist. Probably I am being selfish to make sure they exist in their original form and stay intact than be a part of history. Thus were the ensuing moments, where we jerked, rowed, pushed, flowed, jumped, stuck, pulled, shoved, yelled, laughed, heaped, ducked, plunged, roared, rafted, shouted, ignored, smirked, gasped, enlightened, loved and lived.

I don’t think it mattered anymore as to what and why and when and where and how time went on.

We reached the calm waters. The captain allowed us to let our guard down. That was the moment when we got a chance to look at the shimmering waters for the first time. The sheen of the divine lights performing their eternal piece on the impeccable radiant waves, choreographed by the winds amidst the glowing sounds of the flying birds and swimming plankton surrounded by the existence of the mother christened nature. I turned my head, the glowing smile was now blooming, realised that prayers are indeed answered.

Reaching the shore was a mixed feeling. Arms were sore. Rear end was numb. Extremities were dulled. Breathing was heavy. Heart was unfilled. Mind was roaring. Emotions were hungry. Adventure was driving. Life was living.

There I was, completely wet, walking in the sand, with cars whooshing by, whispers crossing ears, comments making their way and compliments flowing endlessly.

We captured the moment in one large panorama of dental show and shining armour.

The sky was still alive, the sun was still prancing, the breeze was still blowing, and the love was still smiling.

I was jealous. The one with no envy.