Brother – is an emotional journey of a person who gives up on their roots to build a connection that would make them stronger. It’s about how we lose and find each other. It’s about each of us.


Tony invites his sister Lena to visit him a few days before his wedding to Carlos without telling her the occasion. On arrival, Lena mistakes Carlos for Tony’s roommate and is captivated by his masculinity. Carlos takes them out to a family restaurant, where the preparation for the reception is underway. Lena, who turns out to be homophobic, takes many hints wrong but finally guesses about her brother’s wedding. Tony hiding it this whole-time upsets Carlos and makes him leave. A sincere exchange between Tony and Lena leads to their farewell. Tony finds Carlos in their place and proves he is fearless to be open now. Seeing a picture from their wedding, Lena keeps a secret from the family.




Cast & Crew

  • Cast: Anton Paraskiva, Evgeniia Tikhonova, Felipe Augusto, Beatriz Jamaica
  • Writer & Director: Aleksei Borovikov
  • Producers: Chris Sonnenschein, Aleksei Borovikov
  • Associate Producer: Mohammed Shaik Hussain Ali

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