Brother – is an emotional journey of a person who gives up on their roots to build a connection that would make them stronger. It’s about how we lose and find each other. It’s about each of us.


With his wedding to Carlos approaching, Tony, a young immigrant to the US, invites his conservative older sister to the ceremony – a fateful decision that forces Tony to choose between his family and his freedom.


Cast & Crew

  • Cast: Anton Paraskiva, Evgeniia Tikhonova, Felipe Augusto, Beatriz Jamaica
  • Writer & Director: Aleksei Borovikov
  • Producers: Chris Sonnenschein, Aleksei Borovikov
  • Associate Producer: Mohammed Shaik Hussain Ali

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  1. Best Short Film at the PRIDE Queer Film Festival
  2. Audience Favorite Narrative at Reality Bytes Independent Student Film Festival
  3. Best Student Film at Boomtown Film & Music Festival
  4. Silver Telly Award Winner in non-broadcast student category at The Telly Awards
  5. Best International Short Film at The Out & Loud – Pune International Queer Film Festival
  6. Excellence Award in student category at LGBTQ Unbordered International Film Festival
  7. Best Student Film of the month at the Changing Face International Film Festival
  8. Best Student Film by the Canadian Cinematography Awards
  9. Best Student Film by the Centre Film Festival
  10. Audience Choice – Best Student Film by the FirstGlance Los Angeles Film Festival
  11. Best Director – Student Film at the FirstGlance Los Angeles Film Festival
  12. Best Student Director at the European Cinematography Awards
  13. Best LGBTQ Film at the RedWood Film Festival
  14. Best LGBTQ+ Film at the New York Cinematography Awards
  15. Best of Fest by the Gay Binge Film Festival
  16. Best Foreign Supporting Actress at the Internacional Queer Film Festival, Playa del Carmen
  17. Platinum – Best LGBTQ Short at the Independent Shorts Awards
  18. Platinum – Best Student Male Director at the Independent Shorts Awards
  19. Platinum – Best Ensemble Cast at the Independent Shorts Awards
  20. Gold – Best Original Story at the Independent Shorts Awards


  • Honourable Mention – Cine Pobre Film Festival, Mexico
  • Honourable Mention – Blackbird Film Festival, USA
  • Honourable Mention – Reel Out Charlotte, USA
  • Honourable Mention – Hollywood New Directors, USA
  • Honourable Mention – Huntington Beach Cultural Film Festival
  • Semi Finalist – Near Nazareth Festival (NNF), Israel
  • Finalist – Kaaffilm International Short Film Festival, Italy
  • Nominee – Best Original Score – Changing Face International Film Festival
  • Nominee – Best Actor in a Student Film – Changing Face International Film Festival
  • Nominee – Best Foreign Supporting Actor – Internacional Queer Film Festival
  • Nominee – Best Fiction Short – Omovies International Film Festival
  • Nominee – Best Short Film Cinematography – Los Angeles Cinematography Awards


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