Terrestrial Journeys

Terrestrial Journeys. What the title wryly belies is that this collection of works by Gilbert Galindo is more about the spiritual paths he has taken than the merely geographic ones. Bringing together eight landmark pieces written over a dozen years, this first album dedicated solely to his chamber music, is a multi-faceted portrait of a maturing soul.


From punk attitude, to contemplating love in various aspects, to calling for a renewal in social justice, to waiting with uncertainty, to melding oneself with God’s love, the works on this album remain true to the title. They reflect experiences and observations on the realities of life, transferring those sentiments and energies through the medium of sound. Making reference to Mexican tunes, Beethoven, a Psalm, Franciscan religious life, unrequited love, and losing direction in a metaphorical cave, the sense of quest, searching, and purpose are Galindo’s firm grounding forces in his earthly journeys to the beyond.



  • Composer: Gilbert Galindo
  • Artists:
    • Jeff Hudgins, Alto Saxophone
    • Daniel Lippel, Electric Guitar
    • Clara Kim, Violin
    • Gregory Chudzik, Contrabass
    • Giancarlo Latta, Violin
    • Maren Rothfritz, Viola
    • Clare Monfredo, Cello
    • Kathleen Supové, Piano
    • Thomas Piercy, Bass Clarinet
    • Chris Graham, Percussion
    • Sean Statser, Percussion
  • Album Sponsor: Mohammed Shaik Hussain Ali
  • Recorded At: Oktaven Studio
  • Mastered By: Erdem Helvacıoğlu

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