Mohammed Shaik Hussain Ali is a film producer, published author, music patron, and a human rights activist associated with multiple LGBTQ organisations across the United States, including SALGA NYC, NQAPIA, Trikone, etc.

He has represented the South Asian community on multiple platforms making sure the existence of the community is well displayed. He lends his voice to multiple nonprofit causes. His aim is to make sure that those who are growing up now with lots of doubts are reassured that it will get better.

He is South Asian, Indian, Muslim, Gay basking in his multifaceted personality based in the heart of Manhattan, after spending more than a decade in San Francisco.

SHAIKSPHERE was first used by the author’s maternal grandfather. The first Shaik Hussain used it to mean “Shaik’s Sphere”. The current Shaik Hussain uses it to mean “Shaik (King) of his own Sphere”.